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Drawing Daily Since the Late 20th Century
And I still suck bad ass...
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draco loves blaise!!!!!!!!!! :D

Title: Before the Game
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Narcissa Malfoy/Lucius Malfoy
Rating: G
Media: Pen, Photoshop Elements
Note: Well, it's been a while. Coloured this pic that I did a long time ago. I wanted to finish something with color for once. Lucius is a bit tanned from Quidditch, and Narcissa is wearing one of those old fashioned pointy bras. It's from when they're back in like Seventh Year or something.

Lucius and Narcissa flirt 'Before the Game'Collapse )

Anywhoo. Hope you enjoyed the pic. Thanks for stopping by! :)

18th-Aug-2009 08:26 pm(no subject)

Do you Love/Like/Not Dislike Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy? Together? Are you looking to explore a new pairing? Are you looking for something challenging to Write/Draw?

Well, then you might be interested to know, there's a new Fiction / Art challenge in town! It's The Ron/Draco FICADRON. And we'd LOVE to have you. :)

The ficadron is a fiction and art fest where Team Ron and Team Draco battle it out to see who is really the top dog in Ron/Draco! We're hoping to make this a big event and would love it if every Ron/Draco fan out there would take part to help further this magnificent pair.

Sign ups are going on right now, and will end in just 7 DAYS, on August 25th. Assignments will be sent out on September 1st after which you have a whole TWO MONTHS to complete and submit your assignment. :) Then the battles begin!

More information about the rules and format of the challenge can be found HERE.

We would especially love to get a few more artists up in here (though we're always happy to have more writers too).

So, if you're interested... pick a team, take your corner, and come out fighting! :D

Sign up HERE.

:D Please pimp this out anywhere else, if you can. We're a brand new fest, so we need all the help we can get. Thanks!

*cross-posted to a few comms. Note art in banner is by the_gwyllion.
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